$30 Million Voice.com Launches as an NFT Platform

In June 2019, the domain name Voice.com set records by becoming the largest publicly-disclosed domain sale of all time.

The name, sold by software company MicroStrategy, was purchased by Block.one for $30 million in a deal brokered by GoDaddy.

Originally, Voice.com was home to a blockchain-based social network, but in May 2021, the company shut its social network venture and announced it was pivoting to an NFT platform.

The beauty of branding around a generic domain like Voice.com is that you can easily transition from one product or service to another.

Today, Voice.com has launched what looks to be a public beta that allows users to mint new NFTs with zero gas fees. Voice.com’s owner, Block.one, operates the EOSIO blockchain protocol that, according to Wikipedia, claims to eliminate gas fees.

The NFT market is hot at the moment, with the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea breaching $3 billion in trading volume for August 2021 alone. That figure is an increase of 900% over July 2021’s volume.

Could Voice.com become a rival for OpenSea? From briefly exploring Voice.com, it looks like there’s one major difference between the platforms, at least. On Voice.com, purchasers are able to pay for NFTs using traditional credit cards, rather than OpenSea’s reliance on the cryptocurrency ETH.

7 thoughts on “$30 Million Voice.com Launches as an NFT Platform”

  1. This will go nowhere, they wasted $30million on a domain for bad Facebook clone and this “pivot” to an Opensea clone makes no sense either.

    The term voice has nothing to do with NFTs!

  2. Voice approach to NFTs is just ridiculous, no blockchain, just a website that list pictures of Art… so basically a Gallery on a web 2.0 environment… but not NFTs no Crypto involved. Sorry to say it, but it is just a joke to the Crypto community.

    May or may not succeed, but they are trying to convince that it is an NFT market but you upload a picture and sell it for fiat, USD.

    Good luck anyway.

    • You would be paid directly to your account if you sell NFT on Voice Antonio.

      Otherwise, we pay gas fees on opensea then the fluctuating value of ETH. Earning via opensea is quite difficult. All the profit goes into gas fees mostly.

      Voice.com is also operating on blockchain technology with all the records stored.

  3. I just did a test list on Voice.com for NFT, and in order to even sell, you must ‘verify’ yourself by providing your government issued ID.

    Not using the site now, because that is too high a price to pay just to list, I don’t know who these people are, and what is the point of this site, can sell anywhere else.

    Right now, anyone can rightclick->save the source file from the listing, don’t understand what value the piece even holds anyway, and why any artist would expect anyone would care to buy, trade or do anything with your art when they can get it for free anyway


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