Top Domains Used by Startups Founded in 2020:,, and More

Here’s a collection of domain names used by companies founded in 2020. It’s relatively rare for such young companies to invest heavily in a premium domain name asset so early on, but these companies have done so.

Collective, a financial services platform for self-employed people, launched in September 2020 and has already raised a total of $28.7 million in funding, including a recent $20 million Series A funding round.  The company operates on

Class Technologies provides a product called Class for Zoom, which adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual education has become a necessity in some parts of the world. The company has raised an incredible $59 million in funding since September 2020. According to WHOIS history, the company may have acquired in January 2021. is a company that I have covered before. The company, headed by Omair Tariq, formerly of Home Depot, launched on as an ecommerce-as-a-service provider and has raised $45 million in funding so far, including a $25 million Series A funding round.

Sustainable air mobility company Archer picked up early traction thanks to a July 2020 Series A funding round that raised $55.7 million. Archer acquired as an upgrade from There’s some speculation that the company paid $500,000 for the domain, but declined to comment on the purchase.

Virtual book club platform BookClub logically owns and operates on The company raised $6 million in funding in September 2020, just four months after launching. The name was previously for sale at BrandBucket before the company launched.

AI assistant for teams, Writer, was launched in August 2020 by May Habib. The company has used since day one and has raised $5 million in funding to date. was previously operated by influencer platform Kit. According to a DomainNameWire article, the domain was owned by a third-party and the agreement between Kit and the owner was abruptly canceled, forcing Kit to move to Now, is operated by health testing company Kit, which raised $3.3 million in funding in January 2021.

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