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Two-letter .com domains continuously attract attention from end-users and digital investors alike. Thanks to their rarity and utility, these domains routinely sell for seven- and eight-figure fees.

The sale of is a prime example. As of publishing, the sale of for $3.8 million is the largest disclosed domain transaction of the year.

James Booth, the broker responsible for the sale of, has facilitated the sale of another two-letter domain. This time, it’s

Booth announced the sale via Twitter:

The buyer of the incredibly versatile was brokerage powerhouse MediaOptions, which was confirmed to me by MediaOptions’ CEO, Andrew Rosener. The price paid for is undisclosed.

Plans for the domain are currently unknown, but it could very well find a home in the trending cryptocurrency, NFT, or DAO niches.

Speaking of DAO, which stands for decentralized autonomous organization, MediaOptions has also acquired a number of DAO domains including,, and

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  1. A domain name is always in good hands with the Booth Brothers or Media Options. You know it’s going to be put to good use or have a great sales price that rivals what they acquired it for. I don’t think I’ve ever seen small flips from these guys in anything they touch (to include their NFTs), at least not reported.


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